The adolescent rural girls are trained in garment making and life coping skills. The training includes modules on personality development, family life education and status of women in society.

Personality Development

SAS (Jana Jagaran) conducted a personality development and Life Coping Skill Programme at Christ Niwas Nesargi on 28 October 2014. Sixty students participated in the program. Two of the teachers shared their experience of Fashion design training and learning that they acquired from AWAKE. The students put up a small cultural program.

JJ conscientised the students through video clips on issues such as child labour and trafficking girls from the villages to the cities. Students and teachers discussed their thoughts on these videos and shared their experiences on such incidents in their villages. They were aware of the anti-social aliments that are at work at village level.


School dropouts gradute in life copying skills

Teenage is a time of discovering self and the world around. Most of the urban youth have the opportunities to realize and nurture their talents. Not so with our rural youth. This is where Shramik Abhivrudhi Sangh (SAS) with its tailor made “Functional Vocational Training (FVT)” acts as a catalyst, enabling maidens especially school drop outs to realize their self-worth and have a sense of purpose in life. The FVT program not only trains them  in tailoring skills but 

also builds their self-confidence, educates them about family life, society and the world around them. They are given the opportunity to know oneself and exhibit their talents.

Speaking into a mike, performing on stage was a first time experience for most of the girls. The confidence that the students displayed is laudable.The staff of SAS and the respective trainers had put in a lot of effort and hard work to make the program a success. The words of appreciation from the guest present added to the confidence and joy of the students. Their 10 months of training in tailoring skills and awareness on social, political, personal and sexual issues had transformed the young girls into confident young women ready to face life and the challenges it would throw at them.

On the 7th and 21st of February 2016, SAS organized a program for 681 students from 62 centers spread out in various villages of Belgaum District. For ease of language and to promote active participation, the Kannada and Marathi speaking areas performed on different days. St. Paul’s High School hall, Camp, Belagavi offered a perfect platform for the students to exhibit their talents and share their experience.

The girls danced to latest tunes from Bollywood, Marathi and Kannada film songs and also meaningful folk songs showing the rich and varied culture of India. It was touching to see them depict the lives of our brave Indian leaders who laid down their lives so that we Indians enjoy the freedom that we do today.

Ms. Iramma Golannavar, a student of Sampgaon FVT center shared how her life changed after joining the tailoring class of SAS. She noticed a significant and positive growth in her personality. She was grateful to the staff of SAS and her trainer for having brought about positive changes in her.

Frs Joe Chenakala and Tom Chenakala greatly admired the courage and confidence with which the girls performed. They appreciated the efforts of the staff and trainers in bringing remarkable changes in the lives of the students, preparing them to face the challenges of life and to recognize opportunities of growth that would come their way. Within a short duration of 10 months the girls had mastered the skills of tailoring, handicraft and embroidery enabling them earn their daily bread. Frs Joe and Tom encouraged the students to lead a life rooted in values, showcasing transformation, not hesitating to be the ripples of change.