Sounskara Kendra Initiative aims at creating better opportunities for rural children. Villages miss quality education. Nobody accompanies children after school hours. They do not have a place where they can study quietly. Parents of most of these children are illiterate. These factors contribute to high rate of school dropout. Sounskara Kendra is a modest attempt to respond to this situation. SAS brings children to a common place. A guide helps them with their studies.  Children get special inputs in personality development, etiquettes and opportunities for singing, dancing, dramatics, drawing and public speaking. Sounskara Kendra is tailor made to suit the needs of the Children.




Nurturing the children
Fr. Thomas Chenakala along with his colleagues organized a one day camp for fifty Samskara Kendra children on 12th October 2014.The main focus was to provide inputs on personality development, leadership and other values.

The camp also provided the children an opportunity to sing, play and dance. Group activities were conducted to build cooperation and team spirit among children. They watched inspirational videos and shared their reflections on them.  The children relished the meal and refreshment that was specially arranged for them. They returned home with   sweet memories of the camp.